A Sea of Yellow Hearts

You’re invited to remember a loved one by leaving a personalised message and image in our sea of yellow hearts.

During these difficult times, the yellow heart is a poignant expression of love and grief. Find out more by clicking the ‘Why Yellow Hearts?’ link at the top of this page.

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Ronald James Edwards

From Shirley, your loving, now very lost daughter.

I wake up each morning and hope it was a dream, that you haven't left us Dad and life isn't as it's been. That you'll sing those silly song's Dad and fill our hearts with cheer, such a wonderful kind hearted soul who's memory I'll hold dear. Ice hockey to roller blading, the famous recycled teenager Ron, though you may have left this life in all our heart's your love stays strong. Love you so much Dad...missing my partner in crime. Sleep tight. Xxxxx

Ronald James Edwards